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We, Jaibros , statutorily does'nt come under Corporate social responsibility but we understand and consider it as our social responsibility to do our bit towards social cause. We feel the most important asset for a country is their children, who will be doctors, engineers, lawyers, defence personnel in the future. But they are being ignored , they are being humiliated in the form of Child Labor , they are being sexually abused , they have been confined in the cage. We being empowered , empowered in the sense , we are not being caged, we are not being humiliated as child labor have a social responsibility to do our bit towards them who need us. Now its our turn to give back to society we live in.
Good news is that we are not alone in this mission. A great Personality Kailash Satyarthi ji already running this mission in full force. He has been awarded Noble Prize for Humanity in 2014. We are just following his foot steps and trying to do our bit. 
Follow the thrilling story of Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s journey to liberate every child from slavery. THE PRICE OF FREE follows Satyarthi and his team of activists around the world on secret raid and rescue missions as they hunt for missing children and work to reunite them with their families. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize, US Documentary, Sundance 2018.


We are here to make a commitment , whenever you place an order at , we will Donate two Pencils per order towards the social cause. We know this is a tiny thing, but Drop by Drop is the water pot filled.


(we will be donating amount equal to buy two pencil, as that will help in more good manner than exactly physical pencils.) 

We are in conversation with Satyarthi Organization to get this implemented at both end without a fail. Once we get an acknowledgement from the organization , we will link the documents here for your reference.





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