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Deskar Deskar SPMG LF6018 pack of 10 from ₹ 1,145.00
ORIGINAL DESKAR INSERTS  THIS IS DRILLING INSERT FROM DESKAR  SPMG 050204 suitable to Indexable U drills 13MM,13.5MM,14MM,14.5MM,15 mm mostly SPMG060204 suitable to 15.5MM, 16MM, 16.5MM, 17MM, 17.5MM, 18MM, 18.5MM, 19MM, 19.5MM, 20MM, 20.5MM, 21MM, 21.5MM u drills LD 2, 3, 4, 5 SPMG07T308 U drill mostly range from 22mm,22.5MM,23MM,23.5MM,24MM,24.5MM,25MM,25.5MM,26MM,26.5MM,27MM, 27.5mm SPMG090408 U drill mostly range from 28mm,28.5MM,29MM,29.5MM,29.5MM,30MM,30.5MM,31MM,31.5MM,32MM,32.5MM,33MM,33.5 mm SPMG110408 U drill mostly range from 34MM,34.5MM,35MM,35.5MM,36MM,36.5MM,37MM,37.5MM,38MM,38.5MM,39MM,39.5MM,40MM,40.5MM,,41MM SPMG140512 U drill mostly range from 42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50, mm to 50 mm Cutting speed Vc 150-220 m/min , feed 0.05-0.12 copper Coated for Versatile usage. this is stainless steel grade , can be used on other material like steel ,cast iron etc.
Deskar Deskar WNMG080408 TM LF9018... ₹ 1,428.00
DESKAR ORIGINAL INSERTS ONLY we sell only original inserts and grade descriptions for Deskar inserts are below 
Deskar Deskar WNMU080608 EN GM LF6... ₹ 1,947.00
Sold out
Deskar MGMN400 LDA deskar grooving... ₹ 1,120.00
Grooving Insert with 4 MM Width Kindly Check Size you need in Variation. MGMN comes in many brands but suitable to korloy grooving holder. its and ISO insert.
Deskar WCMT050308 MF LF6118 deskar... ₹ 1,333.00
WCMT050308 is u drill insert and steel and stainless steel grade
Deskar WCMT06T308 MF LF6118 Deskar... ₹ 1,450.00
WCMT06 is u drill insert mainly  steel and stainless steel grade 
Deskar WCMX030208 LF6018 deskar st... ₹ 1,132.00
WCMX 03 IS u drill insert can be used with other applications.  
Deskar WCMX040208 MF LF6118 Deskar... ₹ 1,144.00
WCMX040208 IS U drill insert steel/stainless steel grade

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