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Tabikut Tabikut APMT1135 T15 Get 1 16mm Cutter Body Free -Pack Of 100 ₹ 7,500.00
Tabikut Regular Price  If you buy 100 Nis. We Give you 1 Cutter Body Of 16 MM 150 Long Fre with This.. This is special deal only 5 deals are available.  
Tabikut R6 Tabikut 100 Pcs Get 1 50MM Cutter Body Deal ₹ 8,500.00
Tabikut R6 Is High Quality Tested Insert  We give the same Price But Also Give 1 50 MM Cutter Body Free of Cost If you buy 100 NOS.    This deal is Limited in Quantity Just 5 Deals.
Tabikut LNMU0303 MJ T20 Grade Buy 100 Pcs Get 1 Cutter Free Deal ₹ 12,500.00
LNMU Insert Deal 100 PCS Price Same as Standard   You will get 16MM 150 Long Cutter Body Balck Coated . 1 NOS. Free Of Cost.  
ZCCCT ZCCCT APMT11T3P Get one Cutter Body Free- Pack of 100 Pcs Inserts ₹ 10,000.00
Yellow Coated Insert of ZCCCT Brand is very high quality used for steel and stainless steel Carbide insert for Steel and Stainless Steel machining with or without coolant , used in any suitable cutter for BAP300R and this is used in milling machine mainly. Suitable cutter any cutter which suits APMT11T3 insert.For steel , mild steel , hrc upto 50 with coolant.APMT11T3 for BAP300R cutters yellow coatedSuitable to all milling cutter for apmt11T3
Duracarb Duracarb Apmt1135 Deal 100 Pcs Get 1 Cutter Body Free 16mm x 150L ₹ 13,500.00
Buy 100 Pcs of Carbide Insert Apmt1135 Duracarb and Get 1 Cutter Body of Apmt1135 Free of Cost

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