Keyless Drill Chuck 1-13mm JT6 Taper Heavy Duty Yellow Jaws

₹ 1,743.00

Keyless Drill Chuck 1-13mm JT6 Taper Heavy Duty Yellow Jaws

Brand - Mars-Tech
₹ 1,743.00
Product description

MARS-TECH Heavy Duty Keyless Drill chucks are used for CNC machining center and milling machine 

Special Designed & manufactured against for super heavy torque use. 

Owning to inspecting strictly & with excellent RUNOUT accuracy and Quality guaranteed the gripping power double than general brand

Avoid the drill dropped when used in instaneous change of direction and equipped with spanner hole for tightening prefect safety.

Accuracy 50 mm Length within 0.05mm 

Spanner is optional not included with chuck.


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