BAP400R-80-27-6T Face Milling Cutter Dia 80 Modular Type Suitable To APMT1604 Insert Bull Cutter

₹ 2,347.00

BAP400R-80-27-6T Face Milling Cutter Dia 80 Modular Type Suitable To APMT1604 Insert Bull Cutter

Brand - Mars-Tech
₹ 2,347.00
Product description

Dia 80 cutter for APMT1604 insert , facemill cutter 80 mm apmt1604 Shank Holder FMB-27

This is Shoulder and Face Milling Cutter used mainly in CNC Milling and Manual Milling Machine with ISO Carbide Insert , Using this can reduce the cost really low compared to HSS and changing of insert time is also very low , They are hardened 45-50 HRC to not wear out , Pockets are well designed so insert and pocket seat have no gap in them , Run out tolerance is maintained by grinding by center to center and they have center hole both sides , you can use APMT1604 Of Tabikut Brand Insert into this , If any other brand have same insert it can also fixed to this. there are many Chinese brand also making same inserts so you can just check description of size from other brands to fix this insert.

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