Scriber Tip point tungsten carbide tip

₹ 149.00 ₹ 300.00 -51% OFF
Brand - Jaibros

Scriber Tip point tungsten carbide tip

₹ 149.00 ₹ 300.00 -51% OFF
Product description
  • Steel pocket pen clip. Permanent magnet for picking up items (top end)
  • Knurled Body for a Better Grip.
  • Knurled Aluminium
  • Tip is changeable easily ,Tungsten carbide pin point tip

A carbide scribe may seem like an obscure tool, but it's not. What the carpenter's pencil is to building houses, the carbide scribe is to building with metal. As anyone who has marked metal will tell you, a pencil doesn't work and neither do most pens. If you can get a pen to make a line, it can easily be smudged off. Even the trusty Sharpie pen makes a big fat line. But a scribe is perfect. It marks a clean sharp line. And better still, it cuts through dirt, paint, rust, and mill scale. It's the tool to use for clean, accurate lines. Its secret is at the business end, a little sharpened rod of tungsten carbide, a material so hard it can even scribe a line on the surface of a tile. , and its tip is retractable As holds true with other things in life, when it comes to carbide scribes and metal working, little things mean a lot.

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