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Mars-Tech ER 11 COLLET DIN6499B AA 0.... from ₹ 253.00
The standard ER collet is the most widely used clamping system in the world.Made from Alloy spring steel and fully hardened these ER collets are ideal for many machining applications including boring, milling, reaming, tapping and grinding.  Unless specified differently all of our ER collets feature runout of 0.010 micron or less. ,ER collet sizes start at ER8 through ER50. ER11 series collets have a capacity of 1mm-7mm. Each ER11 collet has a range of (0.5mm). The size indicated on the collet is the largest size it can hold and can be collapsed smaller within its collapse range of (0.5mm). For example, ER11-3mm can grab a round shank from 3mm diameter to 2.5mm diameter.
Mars-Tech BT40 locking device Tool Bo... ₹ 2,227.00
BT40 Locking device with Vertical and Horizontal mode to tighten Nut and Pull stud made of Steel and long life. cone for taper is made of aluminium . 3.5 kgs of 1 pc.
Mars-Tech Collet Chuck ER32UM Choose ... from ₹ 1,264.00
Cylindrical Shank / Straight Shank Collet chuck also called Baby collet chuck because of small size and same chuck which comes in BT40 or big tapers , its very useful to increase length of a chuck and also used in turning machine where you have turret sleeve size smaller but straight, its also useful to OEM of machines like Multi Spindle machine and it comes in various sizes to fit in , from Smallest 8 mm to 40 mm are commonly available. This is made from high quality steel and hardened upto 50 hrc for long lasting life ER32 COLLET RANGE FROM 1MM TO 20 MM STANDARD , SUITABLE SPANNER ER32 UM REGO FIX TYPE 
Mars-Tech MARS-TECH ER NUT ER20 A/M T... from ₹ 210.00
Both types hold all ER20 collets from 1 mm to 14 mmMade from alloy steel hardened to 54 – 56rcPrecision ground ID thread and taperER20A Has an id thread of – M25*1.5PER20A Outside diameter is 34 MMNormal key to tighteninginternal cam removes collet when unscrewedMARSTECH CODE IS ER20A HEX TYPE NUT ER20M Has an id thread of 24mm X 1.0 pitchER20M Outside diameter is 1.102 inches (28mm)Outside has castle notches for tighteningER20M-Wrench works on this collet nutMARSTECH CODE IS ER20M TYPE NUT
Mars-Tech TAP COLLET ER16 ₹ 782.00
ER TAP COLLETS ARE SIMILAR LIKE ER COLLETS AND CAN FIT INTO SAME COLLET CHUCK USED FOR ER COLLETS, BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE COLLAPSIBILITY AND EVERY COLLET COME FOR A FIXED SIZE.  EVERY TAP HAS A SQUARE AND ROUND SO YOU JUST NEED TO CHECK SQUARE AND ROUND SIZE OF TAP AND ER CHUCK SIZE THAN YOU CHOOSE WHAT COLLET WILL FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE  Tapping collets will allow user to convert collet chucks used for many purposes into tapping chucks. ER Tapping Collets with Square Drive for synchronous tapping operations using any RD/ER collet chuck. Collet bore is exact tool diameter, with square drive, for accuracy and rigidity. Square in the ER Tap collet is offer tight grip for Tap which reduces slippage in Collets. Available sealed for coolant-through applications, as well as in DIN and JIS standard metric sizes.
Mars-Tech BT30 Side Lock Adaptor , SL... ₹ 1,505.00
BT30 Side Lock Adaptor, SLA 10,12,16,20,25,32 mm For Cylindrical ShankBT30 SLA holder also called SIDE LOCK HOLDER BT30 SIDE LOCK Is mainly used to hold a Cylindrical/Straight Shank of anything like an Indexable Cutter , Baby chuck, or Carbide Drill whatever a straight shank can hold for better rigidity and strength range from 16 mm to 32 mm as the small diameter of the shank can be held in a standard collet chuck.  Made from alloy steel hardened to 54 – 56rcBalanced to G6.3 at 12,000 rpmsConcentricity is less than .005 micron upto 100 Length and 0.012 upto 200 LengthAll critical tool holder surfaces precision groundGage length is 50MM,63MM,80MM,90MMThe rear thread for the pull stud is M12 X 1.75

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