AJX09-50-22-5T JDMW09 Cutter 50mm in 5 Pockets

₹ 2,166.00

AJX09-50-22-5T JDMW09 Cutter 50mm in 5 Pockets

Brand - Mars-Tech
₹ 2,166.00
Product description
AJX09-50-22-5T JDMW09 Cutter 50mm in 5 Pockets

AJX09 is suitable to JDMW09 insert of any Brand will suit this cutter, this is a high feed insert cutter

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MITSUBISHI ORIGINAL high feed insert  JDMW09T320 ZDSR FT VP15TF GRADE  Its a universal grade for most of machining material. Carbide insert for Steel and Stainless Steel machining with or without coolant , used in any suitable cutter for ajx09 and this is used in milling machine mainly. Suitable cutter any cutter which suits jdmw09t3 insert.For steel , mild steel , hrc upto 45-55 with and without coolantSUITABLE TO ALL MILLING CUTTER FOR  JDMW120420
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