Dasqua DIGITAL VERNIER 6 INCH,8 INCH ,12 INCH from ₹ 1,627.00
ITALIAN DESIGNED  Digital Caliper ● Made of solid stainless steel ● Strictly made in accordance with DIN862 ● Silky smooth movement throughout
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Dasqua DASQUA DIAL CALIPER VERNIER 6INCH/150 MM ₹ 2,187.00 ₹ 2,696.00
 New Launched Monoblock High Precision 0-150mm Double Shock-Proof Dial Caliper Pro   Strictly made high above the standard of DIN862, ISO9001 and JJG30-2017 Parallelism error ≤0.007mm, indication error ≤8μ; Precision control is 20% more stringent than DIN 862 Solid monoblock frame providing lasting stability High strength nylon tailboard to protect against impact Hardened ground jaws with precision lapped measuring faces Beam ground making silky movement throughout and sliding force 2.5N-3.5N Double shock-proof gearing Precision inner works Improved metal wheel, no wobbling or blocking With elegant protection package Product Name: Double Shock-Proof Dial CaliperItem Number: 1331-2115-AMeasuring Range:  0~150 mmAccuracy:  ±0.003 mmGraduation: 0.01 mmWarranty: Two Years
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Dasqua DIGITAL ZERO SETTER ₹ 7,450.00 ₹ 10,500.00
DIGITAL ZERO SETTING DEVICE With magnetic base. To adjust the tools to the 0-position to determine the reference point of the machine spindle. No feeler gauge or starting contact is needed. Spring loaded setting face. Mechanical zero-setting instrument for CNC machine centers. Low spring force to prevent cutting tool from damage.

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